Teletrac Navman - Job management

Teletrac Navman + Job management made easy

Fleet tracking and management for every industry

Provide outstanding customer service, save on business costs and increase productivity by more effectively managing your vehicles. GeoOp has partnered up with Teletrac Navman to provide world class fleet management with end to end job management. The integrated solution really is the best of both worlds.

GeoOp + Teletrac Navman

GeoOp Staff members are matched with Teletrac Navman units installed in their vehicles

Vehicle locations are sent into GeoOp from the Teletrac Navman API in real-time

Jobs are mapped in GeoOp and can then be allocated to the nearest or most appropriate member of staff at any time

The job notifications appear on the Teletrac Navman unit informing staff where to go next

As GPS data comes in staff members are automatically checked in and out of their allocated jobs as they arrive and leave

What does it do?

Business / Private Switch

An ideal solution for businesses where employees use their own vehicle, or have a company car that is approved for personal use. Identify when a trip is personal or work related.


Capture information about a vehicle or piece of equipment with telemetry monitoring, such as when, where and how long the door of a security van was opened or closed.

Complete Transparency

Reliable, tamper-proof fleet tracking products ensures that the data captured is accurate, so you know as much about your fleet’s activity as you would, if you did the job yourself.

  • Reduce Waste

    Unnecessary idling, excessive overtime and unauthorised use of your vehicles and equipment cost you money. Detect and remedy these practices in real-time.

  • Boost Efficiency

    Keep your team working at 100%. Get the insight you need to refine routes, increase worker productivity, evaluate vehicle utilisation and schedule maintenance appropriately.

  • Obtain Peace of Mind

    Gain control of your fleet’s speeding violations and address issues with easy to understand reports.