Job Management + iAuditor

GeoOp + iAuditor

Customizable audits forms and checklists

Workplace safety audits, pre-start checks and inspections are faster and easier with the free iAuditor app from SafetyCulture. Paperless auditing is now a reality with editing, auditing, sign-off and email of rich PDF reports all within the app. Browse through thousands of templates that have been shared by users. Collaborate and learn the smartest ways to build inspections forms in seconds.

GeoOp + iAuditor

With fully customisable workplace audits for every industry and application - in your hands, where you need them most, iAuditor is the perfect partner for GeoOp. Complete the form in iAuditor and save it under the relevant job as a PDF in GeoOp. Keep everything in one place and under control.

What does it do?

Customisable audit forms

Access to shared template library

Drag and Drop editing interface (iPad only)

Export audits as PDFs and email them as reports

Digitally annotate photographs and include in your report

Edit and share templates with others in your company

Administrator controls to lock down cloud uploading

Automatic back up and synchronisation across all devices

Private and Secure data storage