GeoOps Features - Job management made easy

Job management made easy

Intuitive features, designed with you in mind

The 8 wonders of GeoOp

It Just Works

It does. Glide away from the way you manage your jobs now…bliss.

Built for you

From the big picture to every small detail, it’s created from scratch with you in mind.

No Surprises

Know exactly where you stand with no upfront costs and simple monthly fee. Refreshing.

Simple & Intuitive

It’s easy to pick up, hard to put down, one might say ‘addictive'.

Your choice

We have a beautifully designed app for whatever device you prefer: Android, iOS and Windows.


Rest assured our world-class security measures come as standard.

Lightens the Load

We will dramatically reduce your admin, not add to it, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Ever Evolving

We’re always listening to what you want and tweaking little bits to make things that much better.

Simple and intuitive

Drag and drop to reassign or reschedule jobs, see who’s nearest to a new job and use the GPS that’s familiar to your field workers.

Realtime Schedule

In the Scheduler you can drag and drop to assign workers or reschedule the time and day. Staff can see their schedule, or their colleague’s, on their device.

GPS tracking

Your team can manually 'check in' or you can automatically track them so they can concentrate on the road and you can optimize your resources.

Job Status

Jobs update live as they progress. From travelling to site, in progress or on hold. Have complete visibility of all your jobs at a glance.

Maps and Directions

Get to your jobs fast and be on time, every time. We integrate with Google Maps, TomTom, Navman and others.

Lightens the load

Most importantly things must become simpler for you, so you can concentrate on those key areas, like new business. GeoOp helps you bring everything together, all under one roof, and then gives you complete visibility across jobs, staff, customers and cash flow.

Parts and Materials

Import your parts list for your entire business with associated costs and prices.

Realtime Jobsheets

A GeoOp Job can store every piece of information about a job. Everything from the first phone call to the payment and your staff can view all this on the move on any device.


Create instant PDF quotes so you can email them straight to your customer. ‘Quoted’ charges can be changed to ‘Actual’ when the work is done, so you can keep tabs as the job progresses.

Photo and Audio

Take a snap of finished work or before you began, photos can also help staff find the right building. An audio note can also be attached, useful when English isn’t perhaps the first language.

Recurring Jobs

Do the same job every Thursday? No problem. GeoOp can create recurring jobs pre-loaded with standard charges, notes and files, all assigned to the right person.


Get paid faster, in full. With GeoOp you can invoice with just one click. We also offer integrations with services such as Xero and FreshBooks. Data can also be exported in CSV format.

Your choice

Whilst staff have a version on their devices out in the field, the web version has it all! All job and customer details in one place and searchable. Have complete visibility and control of your workforce, customers, invoices, permissions and profitability.


Business information is precious. You have access to everything, whilst your staff can see the basics; but why not allow your customers some visibility? A great selling point.


Schedules don’t always match reality, billable time, or staff timesheets. So GeoOp gives you control of how time is recorded. Staff can create a charge for the actual time worked.

Custom Documents

You control the logo, text and information in our Document Template tool. Create custom invoice and quote designs, so things look all professional.


You can create instant Profitability Reports by job, customer or staff to quickly identify the unprofitable areas of your business.

GeoOp is beautifully designed for all devices, so your staff can view, modify and add details to their jobs on what’s familiar to them. Changes and files added on the go load straight into your GeoOp. Keep the office off your back! We’ve also tweaked things to minimize the battery drain.

Remote Access

Flexibility is the key to success; access all your info from any device, anywhere, anytime.

In App notifications

Send a note through the app that won’t be missed and won’t cost you a penny.

Send SMS messages

No need to fiddle around for your phone, send a text from GeoOp when plans change.

Multi Visit

Perhaps what you do is not a one visit wonder? No problem, one of our latest features allows you to create multiple visits for just one job.

No surprises

Simple affordable monthly pricing

Know exactly where you stand with no upfront costs and a simple monthly fee. How refreshing. You can sign up for a free trial and be operational within hours. The return on investment by using GeoOp is significant with no joining, maintenance or upgrade costs.


Client Records

Your customer records are securely stored in GeoOp. Contact details, past jobs, customer notes, billing history, you name it. If a job has a different billing client, we can handle that too.


All information travelling between your browser, tablet, phone and the GeoOp servers is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption, just like your internet banking.

Job History

A permanent record who did what, when & why. New jobs, changes, deletions - the lot! All automatically captured for your reference at any time.

It just works

GeoOp understands what you do. In fact, it’s been studying you and companies like you for years and all that insight has been poured lovingly into our software. Click on one of our Start Your Free Trial buttons and you could be using this software to control your business in seconds.


Like a good kid, GeoOp plays very nicely with others on the block. Integration is smooth with other leading business products. So you can 'add on' accountancy and stock-taking capability for example.

Ever evolving

Simplicity is central to we do, but it would be arrogant to assume, we can’t get any better. A big part of GeoOp is the fine tuning and moving with our customers’ businesses. We’re always listening to what you want and tweaking little bits to make it that much better.