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GeoOp named as one of New Zealand’s fastest growing companies

Innovative mobile workforce management software company GeoOp (GEO) is officially one of the fastest growing businesses in New Zealand. GEO placed 29th in the annual Deloitte 2016 Fast50 index after registering growth of ...

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A letter from Anna, our CEO

Hi, The weeks leading into the festive season are often the best time to get on top of your admin in preparation for the new year. The first thing you can do is clean up your file...

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How to avoid business death by paperwork

By Peter Gearin Administration. Even the word sounds like hard, boring, detailed work. Just the thought of having to do it provides one of the biggest downsides of running a business or managing staff, suppliers and custo...

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Keeping your best employees happy … and motivated

You’re a business manager or owner, sitting in a room with 10 employees. Have a good look at them. What do you see? Do they all look like people who are happy and keen to show their talents and make a difference to your bottom line? Chances are that this is unlikely. Alarmingly, statistics...

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GeoOp claims top New Zealand business award

Workplace management software company GEO was awarded a top prize at the 2015 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards in Auckland last night.   GEO won the award for support businesses using cloud-based technolo...

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Planning your way to a successful mobile business

Jason Adams-Jones and his colleagues at West Property Maintenance aren't professional jugglers. But they will need to keep 349 balls in the air as the Queensland-based company begins a five-year contract looking after the trolley maintenance of al...

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Three small business tips for preparing for the unexpected

Here at GeoOp, we are always looking for ways to help your business be better. This article by US based tech writer and business expert Ramon Ray, offers 3 small business tips which will take no time to scan. You're welcome. Unfortunately, when a business owner is always in “firefighter...

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Should you stop charging by the hour?

A Customer-First Approach A recent article came to our attention which got us thinking. This article was written by Ryan Lazanis of Xen Accounting, a virtual accounting firm based in Quebec, Canada. As a business owner, Lazanis understands the importance of providing exceptional service. ...

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You could be missing out on word of mouth referrals if you don’t have a website

Are you missing out on valuable word of mouth referrals because you don’t have a website? You may not be the only company recommended to someone, so make sure you’re not passed over just because you don’t have a website. One of the main objections we hear from service businesses is tha...

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Want to increase the productivity of your business?

Many small and medium business in the trades and services sector such as plumbers, electricians, cleaning organisations and maintenance and repair services to mention a few, express the annoyance that they spend far too long performing menial tasks that bear little or no relation to the core pr...

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