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Compass Absail

Their Story

Compass Gas and Plumbing Pty Ltd is a privately owned gas and plumbing company located in Picton NSW. It has been operating for over 10 years, the majority of business is Government contract and operates a fleet of 12 service vehicles.

“Before implementing GeoOp, we were using a database similar to an Excel document and we recorded jobs through this,” outlines Bill Morris, Compass Gas and Plumbing Manager. “It was actually this and a combination of writing on whiteboards at the office. The whole system was very archaic. We really felt we needed to find a system to replace this.”

Bill was keen to find an inexpensive solution that was compatible with existing hardware, “Everyone at work has an iPhone, so I searched the web for a simple app we could use. I contacted a few companies which had dispatch systems but they wanted us to buy their software which was quite expensive. In the end I looked at the app store, and this is where I found GeoOp“.

With GeoOp

Bill was impressed with the ease of set up, “I signed up with GeoOp with an open mind. I read about it and when we first started using it, it was everything you said it would be and there were no surprises. You can train someone to use it basically in about 10 minutes. We just did a basic sit-down session with our team, ran over the system and away they went. The system is quite instinctual, not complicated at all and our staff caught on GeoOp straightaway.”


Before GeoOp, Compass had struggled with information sharing, Bill explains the difficulties, “GeoOp has made our business much simpler,” Bill explains. “It has drastically improved the flow of information between the trucks and the office. It’s all recorded in real time, and the chance of misplacing any information is next to none.”

“GeoOp has also saved us a lot of time. Prior to GeoOp one of our biggest problems was getting the photos off our staff’s phones. It was frustrating because we didn’t have a simple solution to this; the staff would forget to send them to us, it was just a mess! Now there’s no issue at all. I don’t have to chase them anymore, which has saved me a lot of time and patience. Also the job management is so easy with GeoOp, knowing where our staff and our trucks are at all times is such a great feature.”

Prior to GeoOp, Compass regularly received customer complaints; for losing jobs and missing the appointments through human error. This has all changed explains Bill, “GeoOp has eliminated any type of complaints in relation to our response time and our staff not attending jobs. Those sort of complaints are non-existent now thanks to GeoOp.”

Return on Investment

“I’m 100% satisfied, I can’t imagine using anything else. The capabilities of the program is exactly what we were after.” Bill goes on to explain how, in his opinion, GeoOp pricing was non-prohibitive like others he looked at. “It gave me a low cost entry into a good dispatch and recording system without paying $10,000s to an alternative company which wanted to charge us for licensing of their expensive programs which they would have to install.”

“I have recommended GeoOp to some of my friends in the same industry and other industries and I will continue to do so.”

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