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Careers with GeoOp

Enjoy a career with GeoOp and make a difference

Why would you want to work with us?

Fantastic working environment, interesting people, game changing software and big aspirations to turn pain into pleasure for business owners worldwide. Did that whet the appetite?

Our Culture

We love what we do.
We love our customers. We love the product. What we do can really make a difference to their lives. There’s a trust there that we cherish.

Professional, Fast & Reliable.
These three attributes belong to a GeoOp customer, but why not adopt them ourselves. A fine mantra to aspire to.

Diversity and Innovation.
We’re a global company born of an eclectic mix of people. Let’s face it, we’re a weird bunch and that’s the way we like it. Who ever got anywhere following the crowd. Different is normal, which is not only celebrated but encouraged.

Fun, Friendly and helpful.
We’re growing all the time and we’ve always new people in the office, so saying hello and helping people is key to bedding people in at the start of their career with GeoOp. Having a laugh, on a regular basis, can help with that and more. Frivolity in a fast moving business with big aspirations is quintessential.

Celebrate success.
We don’t need to be asked twice. These can be small spontaneous moments, medium sized semi-planned outings or something or a more formal nature based on performance.

Transparent business strategy.
Clear goals that inspire people and sharing information is relatively simple and not to be overlooked. We aim to communicate everything. The more you know, the more you care and that only leads to good things.

Why join us?

Enjoy where you work

Work should be straightforward, with minimal barriers. It's your choice as to the provenance of your workstation (Apple, Microsoft or Linux) and as you would imagine, all our systems are in the cloud. The Auckland Office has showers for those that cycle and run, and PS4 and a pool table for an alternative workout. And our central Sydney office claim to have the best coffee.

Deliver game changing software

GeoOp is a product like no other. It has transformed job management processes for thousands of businesses all around the world. There are still countless businesses out there (our estimate is 60 million) that work the hard old-fashioned way. Help us, help them.

Make a difference

With thousands of users in over 35 countries, and growing fast, it's gratifying to see the impact GeoOp is having in these businesses. If you take a look at our customer case studies, they're compelling. Our ultimate goal is to show business owners that running their own company can be a pleasure, not a pain.

The People

Ultimately it’s all about people. Extraordinary people build extraordinary companies. We place massive emphasis on the ‘right people’. And we’ve a lot to offer the ‘right people’. We enjoy an open, helpful, fun and hard working environment with a beautiful mix of people. The Board packs a punch, senior management are dynamic and the rest of us are all unique, interesting and windswept.

Ready to apply?

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We’re growing fast; physically, geographically and technically. Join our development team.

Sales and Support

Tenacious? Tolerant? Take a look below to see if we’re looking for you.

Account Manager (Inside Sales)
Auckland, New Zealand


Good at crossing geographic borders with your strategic vision? Or perhaps you’ve an eye for detail? Join us.

Other open positions

If you’re not skilled in Development, Marketing or Sales this could be the section that your perfect job is hiding in.

Don’t see something for you?
Auckland, New Zealand