Job Management for Smart Companies

GeoOp is an award-winning online job management system that leverages iPhones, iPads and Android devices to deliver a paperless platform to transform the efficiency of your mobile workers. GeoOp allows you and your staff to enjoy real time job sheets, live job scheduling, quick creation of quotes and invoices, GPS Tracking, signature capture and more.

GeoOp + Xero

Combining GeoOp with Xero provides a total business solution from worker and time tracking, job management and job costing through to tax returns, profit and loss, payroll and fixed asset reporting

What does it do?

  • InvoicingTurns jobs in GeoOp into Invoices in Xero.
  • Part-Invoice jobsChoose which items to invoice now and which to invoice later.
  • Clients and PartsImports clients and parts directly from Xero.
  • Combining Multiple Jobs Onto One InvoiceGeoOp lets you create one invoice per job or you can combine multiple jobs onto one invoice for one client.
  • Mobile InvoicingAllow certain roles to create Xero invoices right from the GeoOp mobile apps even if they don’t have a Xero.com login.Watch Video
  • PaymentsRecord payments in GeoOp and push to Xero alongside the job charges.
  • Permanent connection to XeroEmployees without access to Xero are able to send jobs into Xero for invoicing.
  • AuthorisationOne time authorisation between your GeoOp and Xero account.