Add on ArmadaGPS + GeoOp, Job management made easy.

Add on ArmadaGPS + GeoOp

Give your business instant live access to your team on the road

See where your field workers are instantly, with ArmadaGPS integrated with GeoOp. View your vehicles and current jobs on one map. See who is closest to that urgent job, and see how long your vehicles are spending on site. ArmadaGPS Vehicle Tracking/Fleet Management integrated with GeoOp is the complete package to help you manage your mobile workforce and streamline your business processes.

GeoOp + ArmadaGPS

Staff with GeoOp are matched with ArmadaGPS units installed on the vehicles. Vehicle locations are then sent into GeoOp from the ArmadaGPS API in real-time. Jobs are mapped in GeoOp and can then be allocated to the nearest or most appropriate member of staff at any time.

What does it do?


Easy to read Maps, showing most current vehicle locations

View vehicle history, and routes using TruePath Tracking – detailed reports show vehicle usage, including time on site, total mileage, idle time and max speed

Send messages directly from ArmadaGPS to your vehicles using In-vehicle Garmin Navigation/Messaging Units

Visual Dashboard show vehicle usage at a glance. Keep up to date on RUC usage, vehicle servicing and Registration and WOF/MOT due dates


Reduce vehicle operating costs

Maximise vehicle productivity

Encourage accountability of staff

Monitor and improve operational productivity and efficiency

Provide accurate billing of field staff time

Ensure safety of vehicles and employees

Job cost analysis

Offer world class customer service

Resolve customer and operational queries accurately and promptly