As a manager or an owner of your business, we know you are always on the look out for ways to improve your business processes and increase your profit. With the surge in smart devices, internet access and apps for business, project management software is at an all time high for demand and usage.

Project management software and systems fundamentally, depending on it’s level of sophistication and the industry sectors it is targeting, has the capacity to help plan, organise, and manage resource pools and develop resource estimates for your business.

With an app like GeoOp targeted at trades and services businesses you can accurately create, assign, cost, quote and invoice jobs while in the field. You can also track staff, contractors and their jobs via their mobile devices’ built-in GPS tracking so you know who’s close by and available to be assigned to jobs. Below are some signs that you need to look at project management software for your business:

1. You can’t keep track of your staff’s movements and efficiency.

If you are having trouble knowing where your staff are and whether they are available to be assigned to jobs coming in, or you simply think some of your staff may be slacking off a bit, you should definitely look at getting a project management software for your business. Specifically, one focused at managing the scheduling and assigning of new jobs to your staff members. This way you can always make sure you know what members of your staff are close by and available to be assigned to jobs and how long they’re taking on jobs too. This can save your business time on the numerous phone calls that would’ve been made to find out the same information.

2. You’re finding it hard to do accurate job costing.

If you are finding it hard to accurately measure your quoted items against your actuals as all of the information isn’t together in one place or you are finding repetitive errors way too late down the track, this is definitely a sign you need project management software. With GeoOp you can mark your quoted items and create a quote instantly to email or show the customer to get signed off. If the customer is on site at the time, you can accept a signature straight away and have the work approved on the spot. You can then mark your actuals against the quoted items, choose if items are billable or not and have your job profitability for each job automatically calculated. Depending on how you would like to structure your business processes you can also have someone else check over any quotes before they are emailed to the client. With project management software such as GeoOp, all your information is available in one place and you can make sure you staff members are accurately costing out jobs and the jobs are profitable for the business.

3. You can’t predict costs and create real-time or month-by-month forecasts.

If you are having a hard time getting together the information needed to create real time or monthly forecasts and you are struggling to highlight when and how much extra resources you may need at points in time to meet demand, you will definitely benefit from project management software. Using project management software, you can track month by month expenses through accurate estimations and quotations. As everything is done in real time, you can get at accurate glance of all of the jobs currently on and scheduled for the future and what resources you will need. With GeoOp you can also view what status jobs are at as well and see how many billable hours you have for this week/month and what quotes are outstanding, all contributing to your forecasting and running your business effectively.

4. You have a lot of mistakes on purchase orders, quotes and invoices or its taking a long time to deliver the information to the customer.

If you are finding there is a long wait period between part of a job or an entire job being completed and the quote or invoice being received by the customer, it is best you look into project management software that is job specific. This way you can create on the spot quotations and invoices out in the field, or the information required to complete those is accessible for the office to do straight away. The dramatic speeding up of this process the software can provide also means information can be checked over before it’s sent if necessary within seconds of being completed and if a mistake does happen to occur it is much more likely to be picked up straight away.

These are just a few reasons why project management software, such as GeoOp, are vital for business and their growth. We have seen an increase in billable hours by over 20% for our customers. In fact a recent customer survey found that you can save, on average 105 mins a day, per person!

If you are a little overwhelmed by the thought of implementing an app or software like GeoOp for your business, we have great live and recorded webinars you can attend for free to see exactly how it works and how to set it up. You can sign up for them here. We also offer a free 30 day trial of GeoOp so you can try it out for yourself.

GeoOp is complete job management all wrapped into a low cost, easy to use service with premium support. It’s wherever you and your team are and can be used on any device. For your free trial click here.